ChristianRock.Net Rotation

  Fear - The Letter Black (Pain)
  Ghosts - Drive Thru Society (Soteria)
  Open Wounds - Voices At Midnight (Open Wounds Single)
  Resistance - Relesser (Release)
  Rise - Ashes Remain (Let The Light In)
  Secret Weapon - Disciple (Long Live The Rebels)
  Silence - Scarlet White (The Other Side)
  Sky Is Falling - Seventh Day Slumber (Found)
  Still Alive - Red (Gone)
  Stuck In My Suicide - Gold Frankincense & Myrrh (Identity Crisis)
  The Awakening - Red Jumpsuit Apparatus (The Awakening)
  Virus - Memphis May Fire (Virus)

  Afterlife - In The Verse (Transformer)
  Breaking Out - Nine Lashes (Breaking Out)
  Come Alive - From The Stone (Come Alive)
  Don't Walk Away - Decyfer Down (The Other Side of Darkness)
  Forever Alive - Voices At Midnight (Forever Alive)
  I Won't Look Back - Fireflight (I Won't Look Back)
  Legends - The Afters (Live On Forever)
  My Ghost - As We Ascend (Farewell To Midnight)
  Pull Me Through - Torn Down (Live Again)
  Raining Down - Demon Hunter (Outlive)
  The Coming Storm - Matt Moore (The Coming Storm)
  Underneath - Zahna (Unshaken)

  Asleep - Wolves At The Gate (Types & Shadows)
  Away From Me - Relentless Flood (Away From Me)
  Back From The Dead - Skillet (Unleashed)
  Burn it Down - Bone Prophet (The Circus)
  Doomed - Righteous Vendetta (Cursed)
  Graveyard of Identities - Gold Frankincense & Myrrh (Identity Crisis)
  I'll Know - Xd Out (Better Day)
  Impossible - Random Hero (The Covering)
  Into The Fire - Seventh Day Slumber (Found)
  Let Go - Set For The Fall (3 Nails)
  Live Again - Torn Down (Live Again)
  MHS - Project 86 (Sheep Among Wolves)
  Never Alone - Hands of Elohim (Hands of Elohim)
  Pretty Little Phase - Hearts Like Lions (If I Never Speak Again)
  Safe & Sound - We Were Once (We Were Once)
  Sound of the Saints - Chaotic Resemblance (Sound of the Saints)
  Stones - Manafest (Stones)
  Stronger - Spoken (IX)
  Tell Me - As We Ascend (Farewell To Midnight)
  Until The Night's Gone - Graceful Closure (Until The Night's Gone)